Listen To Those Who Have Their Ears To The Ground

We live in the age of information. We can literally generate an answer for anything in seconds. This can be good in some circumstances but it does restrict our ability to think for ourselves.  One of the dangers is that information is coming from everywhere…even from myself and this website. The difference in this and many others is that I am siting my sources and releasing information from people that “have their ear to the ground.”  

The people I enjoy reading and listening to are experts in their field and are articulate enough to describe difficult concepts effectively and try hard not to muddy the waters of understanding. 

For example, The Guardian released a study that looked at the effect of diary products on the human diet in an article titled, “Eating Cheese Does Not Raise the Risk of Heart Attack or Stroke, Study Finds.” [article link 

  • The funny thing is who the funded the study? Who do you think?
  • …and why do you think that the conclusions came out so positively? 

Dr. Neal Barnard is a medical profession, author, clinical researcher and founding president of the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine.  He was just recently on the Rich Roll Podcast talking about this “study,” the health movement and why diary just doesn’t belong in the human diet.

Listen here: RRP 296: Neal Barnard, M.D. 

This podcast hit home to me, because as a vegetarian, one of my liberties and ways to make anything tastier is cheese.  Now, I don’t indulge that often, but if I were to improve my nutrition and stave off possible illness and disease, it’d be best to not partake. Besides, I know that non-dairy cheeses have come a long long way since their consumption.

And for those people that say, but it’s too expensive.  Just remember “You can pay now, or you can pay later.”

And going back to my original (side) point…. Find those people that are doing the research, who have the experience or ability to steer you in the right direction. For example, who do I listen to for my personal health advice (besides my physician)?

Here’s my list: Neal Barnard M.D., Michael Gregor M.D., and John McDougall M.D.  Yes, there are others that I listen to, and not all are doctors.  But when these three talk, I listen intently and I try to implement the information that I get from them.  

I don’t listen to everyone under the sun, for various reasons. One, there isn’t enough time in the day.  Secondly, for any conflict in findings, not everyone is into the science of nutritional medicine and knows enough about it.  For the most part…at least by this time…I think we can KNOW what is healthy and what will bring us a healthier, happier and more pain-free body.  We might just not want to admit it.

Peace and Light.

Michael Joyce, LMT#6096

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