With this website…

I hope to give my students and clients the opportunity to become informed, to better understand their pain or discomfort, find the source, and irradicate the problem (if possible).

What I learn about the human body and pain,  I like to make the information known.  Therefore, I will also be uploading several videos introducing various techniques to aid you in your journey.  Please bookmark this website and return to it as needed. Thank you.

Manual Therapy Techniques

I incorporate unique blend of both Eastern & Western modalities to create an unbelievable therapeutic experience for the you, the client.  Whether you are here because you’re in pain, looking for quick muscle recovery, improved sports performance, and/or a just needing a blissful, stress eliminating massage, Hunyuan Massage is for you.

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What is M.A.T.?

Myoskeletal Alignment Technique® (MAT) blends the principles of Osteopathy and Structural Integration (Rolfing), to relieve or prevent chronic pain patterns by incorporating advanced musculoskeletal and myofascial balancing techniques with joint mobilization maneuvers.

An important focus in my work as a structural bodywork therapist is to assess any dysfunctional patterns (misalignments, stress/tension, etc) before they become pain patterns.  If pain exists, my role is to construct a bridge using MAT, Qigong massage, Neuromuscular and Trigger Point massage to take you to a pain-free destination.

I am constantly undergoing education to learn and expand my practice with cutting-edge, new approaches/techniques in order to ensure that you receive only the best in care!  I’m grateful to all my clients and as a thank you for spreading the word… I have a Referral Card that you may download.  This will entitle you to a free, 30-minute MyoSkeletal “Tune-up.”

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