MyoSkeletal Sessions are (mainly) for my clients with specific, postural, muscular/skeletal problems.  Initial visit will include a pain & health history dialogue and a free postural and gait assessment.  This appointment will also include a thorough therapeutic session (approx. 30 minutes in duration) to find movement restrictions, myofascial scarring, and other points of interest.

Total duration of the initial session= Approx. 45-60 minutes.

Additional Appointments will be scheduled at the end of each treatment session.  Each treatment will begin after a brief recap of problematic issue(s) and will last a maximum of 45 minutes (most will run 30 minutes).  This is to address the problem specifically (without over working the tissue), allow for more clients to benefit and to keep cost affordable for everyone.


The objective of these sessions is to give my clients the very best in pain management (and eradication).  Using MyoSkeletal Alignment Techinques®, closely documenting your progression, and augmenting treatments based on these changes, we can not only speed up your recovery time (in due time) but “align” the body for a future, “free of pain.”  How does that sound?


The cost for these sessions are affordable for everyone!  And in these economic times, it is may seem easier to live with your pain instead of seeing someone about it.  Let’s not think this way, shall we?   

Initial visit is only $30


PLEASE CALL (336. 337.0348)

* These sessions are reserved for individuals dealing with specific pain issues.  If you’d like to schedule a relaxation-based therapy session, please email Michael at YourTherapy@Live.Com or call him at the above number.