Nutrition has always been important to me, and when you’re in pain… there is no better time to boost what your body needs! On this page, I will post my Instagram pictures (“ChenCenter”), along with my delicious juice, blends, and meals.  In order to get the most from your juicing, try to juice local & organic.


For a quick reference, please take a look at the Dirty Dozen & the Clean 15.

Learn more about proper nutrition from the experts, read  The Rhinoceros in the RoomEnjoy!


The Bugs Bunny | My Personal Favorite!

Bugs BunnyRecipe:

6 Carrots

8 Strawberries

1 inch of Ginger

4 sprigs of Parsley

Everything a bunny would want; and me too!  The carrots are rich in Vitamin A and are associated with reduced risk of cancer (i.e. lung).  Ginger and parsley aids in digestion and blood circulation.  The strawberries (sometimes I use pineapples, or apples), an essential element to this juice creation packs in the vitamin C, reduces inflammation and due to its’ phytochemicals supports a healthy heart.

Dragon’s Blood  |  A Targaryen Specialty

Dragons BloodRecipe:

4 Leaves of Red Cabbage (organic)

1 half Lemon (peeled, unless organic)

2 pears (organic preferred. remove seeds)

A Targaryen (Game of Throne reference) favorite, as well as in the Joyce household.  Pears help (via high levels of Boron) to retain calcium, helps to eliminate free radicals and have an anti-inflammatory effect.  Red Cabbage is packed with vitamin A, C & E, helps to cleanse the body and is known to be therapeutic in the treatment of ulcers.  Red cabbage, unlike white or green varieties, has a higher concentration of natural anthocyanins that helps protect against Alzheimer’s disease (dementia).


The Superman  |  Super-Food Delight!


1/2 Cup of Spinach or Kale

1.5-2 Frozen Bannanas

2 TB of CaCao Powder

1 TB of Chia Seeds

1 TB of Hemp Seeds

1 Cup of Almond Milk

Iron Man  |  Pre-Workout Blast!

Iron ManRecipe:

4 pieces of Kale

2 Kiwi’s

1/2 Lime (peeled, unless organic)

2 Apples (remove all seeds)

6 large Strawberries

Sun Warrior  |  Weekday Mega-Nutritional Smoothie

Sun WarriorRecipe:

1 Mango

1 Bannana (frozen)

4 Leaves of Kale

1 ts of Spirulina, 1 ts Vanilla Extract

2/3 Water

This particular favorite of mine packs a powerful punch.  Nutrient-rich and full-of-taste, I could literally have this every day of the week!  The key ingredient to this creation is Spirulina – nature’s amazing superfood! Read more about it via Dr. Mercola’s in-depth article (Spirulina)

The Purple Hulk  |  Luna’s Living Kitchen Creation!

The Purple HulkRecipe:

Wildberries (Blueberries, Rasberries*, Blackberries*)

1-1.5 Banana (frozen)

2/3 Hemp Milk

1 Tb Spirulina

1 Tb Hemp Protein /1 ts Maca Powder

* Can easily be replaced with some organic strawberries.  Would not leave out the blueberries though!

The Flying Lucy  |  Luna’s Living Kitchen Juice!

flying lucy funny faceRecipe:

1 Cup of Spinach

1/4 Pineapple

1 Banana (frozen)

1 Tb Spirulina

2/3 Lemonade + 1inch Ginger



The “T.J. Special”   |  Inspired by The Renergy Sandwich

TJ Special Renergy


Whole Wheat Bread

1/2-1 Avocado

1/2-1 cup Spinach


Optionals: Texas Pete / Veganaise

The T.J. Special* is a special creation that I have nearly EVERY DAY.  I’m not kidding!  Eating avocados on a sandwich began shortly after watching a video by Rener Gracie.  In Rener’s “Renergy Sandwich”, he says, “It’s not a Renergy without Almond Butter.”  However, in my more fat-friendly and low-cost variation it’s not a “T.J. Special” without the finest hot sauce on the planet, Texas Pete.

*My first name is actually “Thomas” and I’m a Jr.  My dad had a special, fried-egg “T.J. Special” of his own, and that the family grew up eating.  Since going vegan, it was fun (and surprisingly easy) to come up with what quickly became my favorite sandwich of all-time.  Let me know what you think!



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